Dr Collins Badu Agyemang-National President

Dr Collins Badu Agyemang

Dr Collins Badu AGYEMANG is the National President of Ghana Psychological Association (GPA) and has served for the past eight years as a member of the National Executive Committee. He is a Licensed Industrial and Organizational Psychologist, researcher-practitioner and management consultant. He is the founding Consultant of the psychological health and business advisory services firm PsycUP Business Solutions.

He is affiliated to the Departments of Psychology (DoP), Organization and Human Resource Management (University of Ghana Business School) [Cognate Staff], and the Centre for Ageing Studies (CFAS) [Cognate Staff], University of Ghana. He is a Carnegie Scholar and a Postdoctoral fellow of the University of South Florida, USA. He is also a Visiting Courtesy Professor to the Department of Psychology, University of South Florida (Tampa Campus), USA. He is a facilitator/Resource Person at the Institute of Human Resource and Management Practitioners (IHRMP, Ghana) and the Coordinator, Pan-African Doctoral Academy, University of Ghana- Legon.

He has considerable consulting, advocacy, coaching, executive facilitation, governance and strategy experience from working with several large, medium and small-medium enterprises as well as national, regional and international/multinational companies across all sectors including government, finance/banking, insurance, telecoms, manufacturing, extraction, hospitality and transport. He has rich industry experience, having served as the General Manager of Nayak Company Limited (Ghana) and Logistics and Operational Personnel at Allied Mills Limited in London (United Kingdom).

He is a member of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and International Association of Applied Psychology.

He is reasonably published and his research focuses on Occupational Safety and Health, Humanitarian Psychology, Organizational Behaviour, Corporate leadership and psycho-social aspects of organizations. His principal drive is the application of psychological principles and theories to the world of work, personal career growth, organizational functionality, sound corporate governance and national development. He has managed marriage for over 10 years. “He never walks alone” and love to work with proactive organizations to achieve set goals. His enduring ability explains why he supports Liverpool Football Club.